Portrait photo of Alexandre Cotarmanac’h

Alexandre Cotarmanac’h, Group Chief Product Officer

Alexandre Cotarmanac’h began his career in research at Orange where he authored 10+ patents.

From 2015 to 2018, Alexandre was responsible for Publisher Products at Criteo which served several billion targeted ads per day, covering half of the global internet population.

In 2018, Alexandre joined Dunnhumby, as the Chief Product & Technology Officer (CPTO) of the Media business unit, he directed product vision, strategy, and roadmap resulting in best-in-class and customer-first offerings for retail media. During his tenure, he delivered a cloud-first multitenanted customer management platform enabling loyalty and retention programs.

Most recently, Alexandre was CPTO at Stuart, the leading last-mile B2B logistics company in Europe where he led the transformation of Tech (including Product, Data, and Engineering teams). He led the successful launch of a new offering dedicated to large grocery retailers in the UK and France. He was involved in the material improvement of unit economics through new products and machine learning algorithms, as well as the sale of the company.

Alexandre is a graduate of École Polytechnique and Corps des Mines. He is bilingual in French and Spanish and fluent in English.