Declaration of transactions in own shares n 2024/01

Paris: March 12, 2024 


Period of: From March 5 to March 8 2024
Issuer: Pluxee
Class of Securities: Ordinary shares (ISIN NL0015001W49)

Aggregate presentation by day and by market

Issuer identifier code (LEI) Transaction day ISIN Total daily volume (in number of shares) Daily weighted average purchase price (in euros)  Market
(MIC code)
213800RQNIQT48SEEO85 5-Mar-24 NL0015001W49 15,029 27.3135 XPAR
213800RQNIQT48SEEO85 5-Mar-24 NL0015001W49 1,471 27.1915 DXE
213800RQNIQT48SEEO85 6-Mar-24 NL0015001W49 12,021 27.6922 XPAR
213800RQNIQT48SEEO85 6-Mar-24 NL0015001W49 979 27.4397 DXE
213800RQNIQT48SEEO85 7-Mar-24 NL0015001W49 14,044 28.1364 XPAR
213800RQNIQT48SEEO85 7-Mar-24 NL0015001W49 2,956 27.9311 DXE
213800RQNIQT48SEEO85 8-Mar-24 NL0015001W49 15,000 27.5803 XPAR
213800RQNIQT48SEEO85 8-Mar-24 NL0015001W49 5,000 27.6295 DXE

About Pluxee

Pluxee is a global player in employee benefits and engagement that operates in 31 countries. Pluxee helps companies attract, engage, and retain talent thanks to a broad range of solutions across Meal & Food, Wellbeing, Lifestyle, Reward & Recognition, and Public Benefits.

Powered by leading technology and more than 5,000 engaged team members, Pluxee acts as a trusted partner within a highly interconnected B2B2C ecosystem made up of more than 500,000 clients, 36 million consumers and 1.7 million merchants.

Conducting its business as a trusted partner for more than 45 years, Pluxee is committed to creating a positive impact on all its stakeholders, from driving business to local communities, to supporting wellbeing at work for employees while protecting the planet. 

Contacts Pluxee

Analysts and Investors

Pauline Bireaud
+33 6 22 58 83 51


Cecilia de Pierrebourg
+33 6 03 30 46 98