Headshot of François-Xavier Bellon, older man with brown hair in a dark blue blazer with glasses, looking at camera smiling

François-Xavier Bellon, Director 

François-Xavier Bellon is currently Chairman of the Management Board of Bellon S.A. François-Xavier began his career in 1990 with the Adecco group, working first in France and then in Spain. In 1995, he joined Sodexo Group, taking up an operational role in the Healthcare segment in France. In 1999, he was appointed Regional Director in Mexico City and subsequently became Chief Executive Officer of Sodexo Mexico. In 2004, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Sodexo UK & Ireland. He resigned from his position a few months later for health reasons. 

He rejoined the Adecco group in September 2004 and headed up the Sales and Marketing Department of the Global Staffing Division as well as managing the group’s key international accounts, based between Zurich and London. Through this experience he gained a deep knowledge of human resources management. 

In May 2007, François-Xavier Bellon took over a company based in the United Kingdom that provides home care services to dependent people, of which he became Chief Executive Officer before founding LifeCarers. He then left LifeCarers in November 2019 to focus on his various roles within Bellon S.A.