Headshot of Sophie Bellon dressed in white blazer, with short brown hair

Sophie Bellon, Director 

Sophie Bellon is the Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of Sodexo. Sophie began her career in 1985 with Crédit Lyonnais in the United States as a mergers and acquisitions advisor for the bank’s French clientele in New York. 

She joined Sodexo in 1994 as a senior analyst in the group’s Finance Department. In 2001, she was appointed Project Manager – Strategic Financial Planning within the group’s Strategic Planning Department to develop and implement key performance indicators for the group. 

In September 2005, she was named Group Vice President of Client Retention and was responsible for the worldwide deployment of the initiative on client retention. In September 2008, she was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Corporate Services for Sodexo France. In that capacity, she also took over responsibility for Facilities Management activities in France in September 2010. 

In November 2013, Sophie Bellon was appointed Vice Chairwoman of the Sodexo Board of Directors (replacing Robert Baconnier) and was also entrusted with specific responsibilities such as increasing, within Sodexo, the pace of Research, Development and Innovation, particularly in Quality of Life services division. 

On January 26, 2016, Sophie Bellon became Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Sodexo S.A. Following the departure of Denis Machuel on September 30, 2021, she took on the position of interim Chief Executive Officer of Sodexo from October 1, 2021, before being appointed Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer by the Board of Directors on February 15, 2022.